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If it is a set of percentages which add up to 100% a cake-plot with different portions is mormally the rule.
I'm afraid pie charts are deprecated:
Statisticians tend to regard pie charts as a poor method of displaying information. While pie charts are common in business and journalism, they are uncommon in scientific literature. One reason for this is that it is more difficult for comparisons to be made between the size of items in a chart when area is used instead of length. In Stevens' power law, visual area is perceived with a power of 0.7, compared to a power of 1.0 for length. This suggests that length is a better scale to use, since perceived differences would be linearly related to actual differences.

... Most subjects have difficulty ordering the slices in the pie chart by size; when the bar chart is used the comparison is much easier.

If you have numbers adding up to 100%, plot them on the same bar, one on top of the other.

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