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Why should it affect him negatively. We've got a two person race, Obama is far, far better than McCain, ergo...

But as I've said many times, I never understood the wild enthusiasm for Obama, at least among well informed liberal non-black voters (if you're a moderate, sure; if you're black the reasons are obvious). I remember going to a super tuesday party at a bar with a bunch of other overeducated liberal news junkies.  Most were very strong Obama supporters, and not on the ground that he's more electable. I got the impression that there was a lot of wishful projection going on. I guess charisma really matters.

On the other hand, by the end of March I was all 'go Obama'. It was clear that he was the nominee, and that meant that I was no longer deciding between a bunch of imperfect Democrats, but between an imperfect Dem and a perfectly awful Republican. I'd have done the same if the Obama and Clinton results were reversed. Though I still wish my candidate had won.

by MarekNYC on Sat Jun 21st, 2008 at 01:52:06 PM EST
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