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So far I haven't seen anyone with a cross and nails.  Personally, I find the concept of a Theistic Deity to be an absurdity, and literalist interpretation of the Bible to be intellectually stultifying.  But most are brought to their church as small children, as the Bible recommends.  If raised in a loving family, their belief is tied into their love of family and their entire process of socialization.  I don't have any problem welcoming those who have concern for the social and ethical teachings of Jesus into a political coalition, especially if they have some inkling of the limitations of literalist fundamentalism.

To the extent that they take their cues from leaders, I would prefer that those leaders be Democrats than that they be Republicans.  I doubt that there will be enough evangelical defectors from the Republican Party for them to change the Democrats position on abortion, for  instance.  And I agree that we should take steps to make the need for abortion less common.  There may be enough defectors, however, to cripple the Republicans for a long time.

I wish that popular enthusiasm for religion in the USA were more like that common in Europe.  Perhaps an established religion in the USA would have helped accomplish that task.  If you have any suggestions as to how that wish could be fulfilled, I  would like to hear them.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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