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In the news:

Obits:  I can't believe George Carlin died.  Well, partly I can't believe he made it this long.  But what crappy news to wake up to!  In college I had a class where I had to invent and pitch a TV show.  I don't really remember the concept I came up with, but I wanted it to be hosted by George Carlin.  

Sports:  Looking forward to watching Russia kick more a..., er, soccer balls.  Also giddy that the Cubs swept the Sox.  Once again the North has one the Civil War.  I also found myself watching the gymnastics tryouts.  Gymnastics is creepy.  I think points should be deducted for creepiness.  If you can do all of those flips and not look creepy, you should get bonus points.

Society:  I greatly enjoyed the Sirota party, only to learn late in the night that the Sangria I'd been enjoying so much had a significant dose of brandy in it, which might explain why I had such a fabulous time despite the constant assault from mosquitoes.  I expect to perish from West Nile any day now...  Anyway, I think I liked Sirota much more than most of the people there.  That is, only a handful (ok, 4 that I counted: Sirota, myself, an eccentric friend, and the British husband of an acquaintance) of people were brave enough to be even a smidgen critical of Obama.  And after Sirota left, it was also us who had to hang out in the alley to smoke and who closed the party down.  It's my lot in life to find myself among the fringe of a group of people who are already a fringe minority.  I really like the the Brit.  He wanted to talk about Russia and finance and foreign policy.  Anyway, my moment of brandy-induced enlightenment came late that night when I was so thankful that my reallife friends are more interesting than our celebrity guest.  It was a wonderful feeling, until I woke up the next day with a blaring headache and a million itchy welts.

Finance:  Helicopter monies to arrive soon.  Whew.

So, how was your weekend?

"Pretending that you already know the answer when you don't is not actually very helpful." ~Migeru.

by poemless on Mon Jun 23rd, 2008 at 12:07:38 PM EST

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