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Why was I in a meeting with him or why was it interesting?

He is visiting Wales and requested a meeting with people from the trade union movement.  All of us were terrified because we know we are completely ignorant on the issues of the Middle East (with respect to meeting with someone at his level), even though we've read up and looked at TUC and union breifings and policy.

He has already met with colleagues in London but obviously wants to have a dialogue as widely as possible.  The TUC has policy supporting the two state solution although indiviudal unions may have different/no policy on it.  Most of Wales' international work has focussed around solidarity with Colombia in the last year or so and less has been done on the Middle East.

He was concerned about unions having policy to boycott Israeli goods etc although none represented at the meeting have that policy and nor does the TUC.  They very much viewed the Israeli's as being single out internationally and their perception was that unions do encourage boycotts.  Plus a lot of other stuff on some of the history of the current conflict, and how they feel that Israel has had no choice but to take the course they have done when faced with the type of violence and extremist action, plus the view from the other side that they have no right to exist.

And I know next to nothing about all of this so could only listen.  Hence interesting but also hard going because they clearly wanted to get some kind of position out of us that was closer to where they would like to see us stand but we weren't able to do so.

by In Wales (inwales aaat eurotrib.com) on Mon Jun 23rd, 2008 at 01:09:26 PM EST
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