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It is not in question F.González is a true believer in Social Democracy. He however does not understand that Bill Gates ans Microsoft were a post-industrialist mirage.

Forget Bill Clinton's era. The real breaking steps were done before Microsoft, and were largely helped by DARPA. the real action happened from the late 50's to the early 70's, in a progressively liberalised US.
 Do you know what SF means?
  - until late 60 meant Science Fiction.
  - beginning from late 60 became to be Speculative Fiction
(engineers and scientists are highly respected, but the us entered an age of mysticism, with drugs contributing a little to that, but SAT scores were already decreasing since 1963)

I sorry for german universities. since they are so bad, compared to english and american ones, i guess people graduating from that must have real problems in creating gadgets that anyone else may buy.

Tell you what, i am going to create the best university in the world. i will buy the best young brains, and then claim that there is a trace-element in the water that makes people smarter, errr, innovative.

Finally: People who believe in mirages should not be selected as guides.

by findmeaDoorIntoSummer on Sat Jun 28th, 2008 at 09:01:58 PM EST
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