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For all Clinton's faults, and there are many, during his tenure the US was a progressive, hopeful, innovative place.  All that came to a screeching halt with Bush v Gore and the fevered dreams of the PNAC and neocon hegemonists.  Whatever technological edge we might have gained in the 90s, we have squandered since then.  Now it seems the only sphere in which we truly excel is in bigger and more expensive ways to kill people and blow things up.
Here's what González has to say about the Bush administration:

¿Cuál sería la mejor noticia de Estados Unidos para España tras las elecciones del próximo noviembre?What would be the best news from the US for Spain after next November's elections?
Yo creo que van a ganar los demócratas. La gran paradoja es que Barack Obama tendrá más dificultades para vencer a John McCain de las que tendría Hillary Clinton. Eso no quiere decir que no pueda ganar. En uno u otro caso, espero que suponga, y eso sería la buena noticia para España, un cambio sustancial para evitar los dos grandes errores de la Administración saliente. Uno, el de una política exterior muy errática, muy mala, que nos ha llevado a situaciones peores que al comienzo en todos los desafíos y en todas las amenazas. Y dos, en la política interna, en materia económica, por el desequilibrio que Estados Unidos padece en estos momentos y está filtrando al resto de la economía mundial. Es verdaderamente increíble cuando oigo a los grandes amigos de la Administración americana en España hablar de que no estamos haciendo bien las cosas aquí y que mejor lo hubiéramos hecho como George Bush, que debe ser su modelo. Eso va a cambiar, y también cambiará si gana McCain. Yo tengo respeto y amistad por Estados Unidos, pero las torpezas que he vivido en este periodo -hablo de torpezas, no de ideología- nunca las había conocido.I think the Democrats are going to win. The great paradox is that Barack Obama will have a harder time beating John McCain than Hillary Clinton would. This doesn't mean that he cannot win. In either case, I hope this means, and that would be good news for Spain, a substantial change to avoid the two great errors of the outgoing administration. One, a very erratic, very bad foreign policy, which has taken us to worse situations than at the beginning on all challenges and all threats. And two, in domestic politics, on economic matters, because of the imbalances that the US suffers at this time and which are seeping out to the rest to the world economy. It is truly incredible when I hear the great friends of the US administration in Spain say that we are not doing things well here and that we would have done better to do as George Bush, who must be their model. That is going to change, and it will also change if McCain wins. I have respect and friendship for the US, but the clumsiness I have lived in this period--I speak of clumsiness, not of ideology--were unknown to me.

When he says in either case is he betraying that the interview was made before the end of the primary season, maybe much earlier? However, it must have been already after Obama was well ahead of Clinton. Or maybe he means whether the Demsocrats or the Republicans win (given the comment about McCain also changing the way things are done).

The first time I read this I thought that "the great friends of the US Administration in Spain" meant American officials in Spain, but clearly he means Aznar's people in the Spanish opposition party PP which--interestingly--he doesn't name at various points of the interview even though clearly he refers to them.

And note the accusation of incompetence of the Bush administration. He's not so shocked about the ideology, but about the sloppy execution.

When the capital development of a country becomes a by-product of the activities of a casino, the job is likely to be ill-done. — John M. Keynes

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