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Obviously, you set the bar MUCH lower than I.  I mean, do you REALLY think an article on the possible right-wing supreme court nominees that would come from a McCain victory is remotely surprising or even interesting?  Do you really think the conditions at Walter Reed were surprising or especially relevant to our foreign policy.  Don't you think that article on the food crises in Egypt was a BIT patronizing. Etc. Etc.

There is a reason why the more someone reads the Post, the more ignorant he becomes.  It is just horseshit "journalism."  But go ahead--pretend that reading the Post is a legitimate way to become "informed."  

And I will stick to my conclusion that the main reason a guy like Jim Hansen at NASA can be absolutely ignored on climate change for 20 YEARS is because folks think that a story about mold at Walter Reed is "serious".

"Remember the I35W bridge--who needs terrorists when there are Republicans"

by techno (reply@elegant-technology.com) on Sun Jun 29th, 2008 at 02:36:21 PM EST
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