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But you go right ahead and believe that only a "wingnut" could possibly hate New York.  Yeah.  Keep telling yourself that.  You got a whole collection of crazy ideas--just add this one to it.

Hmmh, one of the most left wing places in the US, hated among some of the most right wing places in the US. As for their resentment of the 'takeover' artists, apart from the fact that that's a rather simplistic theory of what happened to US industry, if all those 'Reagan Democrats' had voted like us 'elitist New York intellectuals' and 'inner city thugs and welfare queens', then things would be a little different.

And yes, there is the age old prejudice of the urban vs. the non-urban and vice versa - 'flyover' land, 'hicks', and 'rednecks' vs. 'middle America' 'small town values' or 'the Heartland' - we get a little sick of being told that folks who live in cosmopolitan diverse liberal cities aren't 'real America'. However, if your description of the views in Red America is accurate, then the prejudice is quite a bit more intense over there than here in Blue America. We wouldn't want to live there, but that doesn't mean we would like anything bad to happen to those who do.

by MarekNYC on Mon Jun 30th, 2008 at 06:34:12 PM EST
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