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can be correct twice a day.  The Washington Post does have good reporting ... from time to time. They had an excellent series, with a decent range of the implications, about the global rise of the cost of food and the range of causes/implicatiosn relatively recently. The work re Walter Reed.  I think that your cousin will be able to show you work that they have done well.

But, when it comes to global warming, to energy ... They are tending weak (to say the least).

Just had here at ET a look at recent WPost reporting re Global Warming, pointing toward their focus on "fair and balanced" rather than truthful and factual.  Check it out:  http://www.eurotrib.com/story/2008/6/27/0342/88359

And, if your cousin is actually interested in these issues, he might want to join The Energy Conversation (www.energyconversation.org). Now, the face-to-face conversations and business card exchanges can't be, but these often quite interesting presentations are archived onto the web.

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by a siegel (siegeadATgmailIGNORETHISdotPLEASEcom) on Sun Jun 29th, 2008 at 01:03:02 PM EST

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