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I have just ordered his book.

The "pull" of the paradigm!  Clear and distinct ideas.  Deductive reasoning.  On to homo-economus!  Godel's Theorem applies to axiomatic systems, but that doesn't bother many.  Fifty years after SCIENCE AND SANITY by Alfred Korzibski, few are aware of his work and its implications.  I used to tell my colleagues, when they were determined to proceed down some seemingly logical but doomed path: "You are using either/or logic in a both/and world."  They would look at me as though I were speaking in tongues.  They would use the fact that they managed to muddle through avoidable problems as vindication of their point of view.

One cannot deny the role of emotion in rationality.  Amusingly, most seem unaware that they even have a choice of  paradigmatic affiliation.  They follow Pangloss: "What ever is is right." By the time they are considered adults the chief effect of their chosen world view is its ability to enable them to manage their own self-esteem.  They are only willing to consider changing their mental habits when those habits  have demonstrably lead them into grave trouble. Today the trouble is becoming clear.  Now if large numbers can be shown that the source of that trouble is how pathetically manipulable their mental habits have left them, there might be a way out.    

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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