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IMHO, you're right on the money. The New Deal wasn't a response to the Crash, but to the looming reality of the Soviet example. DoDo stated this 3 years ago here, in an article about the Russian Revolution:

...the European welfare state, and the US New Deal, came to be because most of the elites agreed to an armistice in the class war - and that not the least because they were scared of a communist revolution at home, scared because of the apparent indestructibility of the Soviet Union.

Thus, it seems to me, to put it drastically: the well-being of many of yours was made only possible with the deaths of millions of Russians (& other subjects of the Empire)

In order for the power elites to concede another New Deal, one has to construct a similarly threatening bogey-man, albeit (one would hope) one somewhat less monstrous.

Note also that the reaction of a large part of the European elites to similar circumstances at the time, was the endorsement of fascism and national socialism. I don't mean to imply anything much by this, but given the circumstances, the fingerprinting and targeting of gypsies in Italy, is not too far from the Brown Stars, now, is it?

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