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In a similar vein, the Cuban revolution was responsible for US instigated land reform (albeit timid and limited) in parts of Latin America.  Does anyone remember the prophetic words of Herbert Matthews?:

One might say Fidel Castro was like Pandora.  The box was there and all the troubles were in it - and he opened the box.  Latin America is moving fast, and not necessarily with us or toward us.  The social and economic pressures have revolutionary possibilities.  Our policies to date have not been successful.  They have been too negative, too little, too closely tied to dictators and to small ruling classes who will become victims of the new social pressures if they do not move quickly and make necessary reforms.  Stability and the status quo are dreams of the past.  We have lost the Cuba we knew and dominated, or influenced so greatly.  Our relations with Cuba will never be the same , even when they become friendly again, as they must. (Herbert L. Matthews, The Cuban Story, New York: Braziller, 1961, p. 273)

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