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This whole Obama royal progress through the provinces is a bummer, as they used to say, a vanity trip, in the ancient sense, too. He has come to Europe to distance himself from it: it's ours (U.S.), and the Euorpeans should keep away from it; we'll dine together and listen to each other but when push comes to shove you know who's the boss. That may sound crazy here on ET. Maybe Obama is a latecomer to the imperial party, anyway. Even more remarkable is the role of Israeli/Jewish politics and history in the trip: Israel and two holocaust museums in a week. Has anyone ever heard of the 'Jewish vote' back where Obama comes from? What exactly was his reason for going to Israel: to visit the Palestinians? The endlessly superficial comment in the U.S. is that the trip was arranged to 'burnish his credentials'. May Obama win, I'm already tired of his non-stop smile. Weiman politicians were at home in the center of their capital. It's hardly remarkable that they appeared there. I'm disappointed that any Berliner will turn out to see him. What for?
by Quentin on Wed Jul 23rd, 2008 at 04:39:34 AM EST

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