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I would as well like to ask about the experience with political blogs in your country.


In Hungary, politics on the internet followed a different path of development. The primary outlet is not blogs but web forums. These aren't much different from say those in Britain (say the much-frequented forums of The Guardian and Timesonline), but their influence is more like that of blogs. (Say, the traditional or web media running them uses forum writers as news source, or does corrections.)

That said, there are political blogs, but I feel alienated for ideological reasons. There are two main Blogostans: nationalist/far-right and anarchist/libertarian. That's what you find lots of web warriors for (typically coming over from the web forums). The first are so mad you can't even talk football with them without flaming them for incessant racism, the second have a twisted sense of rebellion against authority that 'allows' them to buy all the BS on the economy or foreign policy.

The most influential blogger may be one leader of the rioting far-right, an in-your-face madman who gets and creates lots of media coverage for his actions (ranging from disturbing a Jewish celebration to attacking drug addicts partying in the woods), who, after being caught leaving the flat in which his firend made small bombs AND getting away with it relaunched his blog under the title "Bombmaker".

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