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And no blatant politicization of federal agencies in Germany.

I´ve read somewhere - don´t know if it´s true - that a new US President can fill up to 3000 positions in the administration with political appointees?
In federal departments and agencies, federal prosecutors whatever...

That number is much lower in Germany.
Most positions here in the federal and state governments are civil servant positions. You just can´t throw them out and replace them with someone else. And in the rare cases the federal or state government asks such a civil servant to step down or retire early it will get scrutinized pretty closely. Not only from the opposition parties but by the media too.

And just to mention it. They can´t remove a federal prosecutor on their say so. It´s only possible if said prosecutor has violated a law.

Perhaps I should also mention that our law system is a bit different. In Germany if I tell a state attorney that a law was violated he/she is required by law to investigate my claim. It is unlawful for a prosecutor to just dismiss my claim. They can´t decide which cases to investigate and which cases to dismiss. They are rquired by law to investigate all of them.
(Only exception is that the federal government can tell a prosecutor not to take a case to court in the interest of foreign relations.)

No smear campaigns.

You know, after reading US media and blogs, I don´t think I have ever seen something similar in Germany.
It just isn´t done.
Personally attacking your political opponent just isn´t done. And if you do it, it might well backfire on you.

by Detlef (Detlef1961_at_yahoo_dot_de) on Wed Jul 23rd, 2008 at 04:19:45 PM EST
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