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It seems blackhawk is protesting against the word combination "rational democracy", which was a combination created by AFP in the article title. It may be seen as gluing together distant parts of the press conference, since Medvedev was not talking about democracy directly, but about managing corruption:

President of Russia

FABRICE NODET LANGLOIS: I have another question on corruption. In March, you said that you want to change people's behaviour and that people in Russia are not always keen to follow the law. Speaking recently in St Petersburg, [Anatoly] Chubais said that reform, and I quote: 'will be ineffective without competitive political mechanisms and a strong opposition'. Do you agree with this view?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV:  Corruption, clearly, is the possibility of using one's monopoly situation to pursue what are generally selfish aims. Officials have exclusive powers and use them not in the state's interests but in their personal interest, in order to line their own pockets. All kinds of competition are therefore useful. We are taking a firm line, for example, on introducing tender procedures in the economy, perhaps not always exactly as we would like, but our policy is a firm one. Why are we doing this? We are doing it precisely because when there is a choice between several different options there can be no corruption. We know that results can be manipulated, and such cases occur here and in other countries, but the system is at least an open one. In this sense, competition between different political groups is also necessary in order to make the political system as a whole more stable.

The system built on the truth of one party alone proved its weakness 20 years ago. It was unable to cope with the new challenges arising and ceased to exist. In order to make our country competitive at the global level, we need to develop political competition too, but this should be reasonable competition, competition based on the law. This should be competition based on the law between political parties that want to take part in normal competition for building the best future for Russia. Without this kind of competition there can be no full-scale fight against corruption.

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