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"I also think it is a gross mistake to think all scientists are saints."

That's completely true, but there is no claim that scientists are saints. The claim of the scientific community is that science proceeds by an open process that allows anybody to reproduce the results. And the problem here is that the global warming science has been tested and reproduced to a great degree (not as strongly as something like relativity, but close) and there is no serious dissent about the vast majority of the claims. The problem is entirely on the side of the skeptics, who are openly funded and supported by people and organizations that have an obvious financial or political interest in the subject.

There is no comparison between the cynical possibility of additional funding based on global warming (one can much more easily get funding as a skeptic) and the open and obvious advantages that the politicians and talk show hosts and oil companies hope to get by supporting the skeptics. I'm pretty sure that the discussion about this topic in the scientific community over the past century have not been based on funding discussions--that only became a possibility within the past decade or so...

by asdf on Fri Aug 1st, 2008 at 09:00:23 AM EST
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