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I think that you are consciously trolling here. If your PhD friends are so desperate for money, by far the easist thing for them to do would be to join ExxonMobil and deny climate change. They will get paid big bucks for leveraging their credentials. Your argument is completely backwards.

I am not saying that we are all corrupt scientists. Or that we spend all day conjuring to get more tax/private money. You are seeing what you want to see in my words.

I am just noticing that we have to eat, like anyone else. And that consciously or unconsciously in some varying degree that has an impact on scientific work. Some people do 99% of there work just to get published, some people have almost no concern for their track record. But if you think that science is a realm of purity where everything goes smoothly and idyllically, then I would like to remind you that science is made by humans.

I know of people that hide their data (as I know people that open up all that their do). By the way, in some areas I am afraid the first (hide data) group is bigger than the second.
I know of some scientific based decisions that were done in the past that have very bad consequences (as we all know of good ones).

Anyway, I will stop here, because I don't think this line of semi-offensive comments benefits anyone.

by t-------------- on Fri Aug 1st, 2008 at 07:19:25 PM EST
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