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Right off the bat, seeing the name McIntyre in a post on climate should make a little red flag go up in much the same way that seeing "Heritage Foundation" or "CATO." He's a shill, who has the annoying habit of making arguments that are not wrong in the detail yet completely misleading in the overall picture. Quite simply not an honest broker in the debate.

Like the guy from RealClimate, I note that Koutsoyannis et al are looking at single stations - that is, they are using GCMs to make predictions at or below the resolution used in said GCMs and at a sharply limited number of grid points as well. That may or may not be interesting to hydrologists, depending on what common practise currently is in the hydrological community, but I think the justification that they provide for using it as a hard-and-fast falsification of the GCMs on larger scales is weak.

And something about the Koutsoyannis paper strikes me as off kilter. I can't put my finger on one spot that's simply wrong, but there are a couple of places where it doesn't "feel" right. That may simply because it's from a different writing tradition than the one I'm used to, though.

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