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Yes, the NYCHA receives funding through the power authority, but look at the overall net funding - we're talking billions here. The most recent figures I could find (2001 - PDF), showed a net NYC (by residence) contribution to the state of $7 billion, plus another $5 billion from the suburbs. There was a substantial tax hike soon afterwards, and I read that ninety percent of it fell on the NYC metro region.

 I don't know about energy prices, but I'm paying $0.25 per KwH - that's one of the highest rates in the country - how much more are you paying? Also, housing is far cheaper there, but let's not exaggerate - the poor aren't buying small $500K apartments - they're renting small $1000/mo ones. Transport matters too - even in the best areas upstate, living without a car is far more inconvenient than here, in many places it is virtually impossible. And the reason why social services are better down here is a) we're richer, b) we choose to pay higher taxes to fund them - there's a hefty city income tax.

I can deal with the fact that the NYC metro area subsidizes poorer parts of the state, I can even understand calls for it to do more, but complaining about the City sucking away money from Upstate when it is actually the reverse is really, really annoying. It's a longtime meme of the Republicans, both State and Federal. And on both counts it is the reverse.

by MarekNYC on Wed Aug 13th, 2008 at 06:48:58 PM EST
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