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I wish I could stop being cynical but I come from the US, so what should I expect.

This sounds like a good thing, I know there is unemployment in my area of Sauerland, maybe this will help, perhaps me even personally.

BTW, I got my Schwerbehindertenausweis at Grad 50 last week in the mail.  It is really funny how the US Veterans Administration won't take care of me but rather makes me go through six years of the appeals process and lost paperwork until I had to get a lawyer.

It's funny how the German government will.  That's solidarity I can believe in.  I think it will be great to become a citizen of the EU.

"Schiller sprach zu Goethe, Steck in dem Arsch die Flöte! Goethe sagte zu Schiller, Mein Arsch ist kein Triller!"

by Jeffersonian Democrat (rzg6f@virginia.edu) on Wed Aug 13th, 2008 at 05:42:14 AM EST

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