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I was personally disturbed at the almost total lack of coverage on the role of Georgia in initiating this debacle.  I had not seen any myself and I had to go back and search inside individual newspapers to find such articles.  That was the reason for my posts in the Wed. Open Thread:

And the press goes jingo, jango jingo...
Critical background comes rather late:

Right at the point where the population of a democracy most needs solid information, the media falls into stunned silence.  When NATIONAL SECURITY is raised as an issue, apparently it it time for mass media self-lobotomy.  That now includes the national programs of NPR.  I was glad for the link to the Chicago PBS interview by poemless.  I expect that KCRW in Los Angeles as well as Pacifica radio outlets had better coverage.  Pacifica has no real budget, but at least has people who know how to search and dig.  Nor are they afraid to air critical views at times of danger.

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