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Yeah, and Nastia Liukin, born in Moscow, has been a rock star.  Ok.  She is American.  Russian-American.  

I had this mind-bending long debate on another site about "Who is Russian?"  It's all very murky.  In America, if you come here and score yourself some citizenship, it's a done deal.  You are American.  However, as we saw with this little war, Russia considers anyone Russian in any way (citizenship, language, ancestry, ethnicity) Russian.  

The Olympics are so weird.  Some countries will pay you to be on their team regardless where you are from.  A lot of athletes live and train in America but represent their country of origin.  And then there is the whole Soviet Union or Yugoslavia phenom where athletes who would have represented one country 20 years ago now represent another, even if they never moved.

"Pretending that you already know the answer when you don't is not actually very helpful." ~Migeru.

by poemless on Wed Aug 20th, 2008 at 10:52:11 AM EST
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