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To my knowledge, my most recent immigrant ancestors were the parents of my maternal great, great grandmother, America McInnes, who came over from Northern Ireland, Scots -Irish stock.  America was their first born here.  My paternal great, great grandmother was Cherokee and came over the Trail of Tears, but stopped in Arkansas.  My father used to joke that they didn't have enough sense to go on to Oklahoma, where the oil was.  English, Welch and Dutch round out the family tree.

I was born in Houston, Texas during WW II and grew up in Whizbang, Oklahoma in the 50s.  Neither budr or myself are exactly typical Okies.  But we are far from the only ones of similar persuasions to come out of that fair state.  I returned to the Ozarks of my grandparents upon my retirement.  I find enough people here of persuasions similar to mine to feel at home.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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