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Sarah Palin: Icon of Nostalgia for the Rugged Frontier and Small Town Values.  The ticket becomes Gigit and The Geezer.  Towards the end of his career, after again becoming "romantically" involved with a lovely and talented acolyte, Carl Jung, in self defense, coined a new Architype: John the Baptist and Salome.  

Frank's analysis coincides perfectly with that of George Lakoff in The Political Mind. George's first chapter is entitled "Anna Nicole on the Brain."  He correctly asserts that you cannot understand American politics if you can't understand the appeal of Anna Nicole to a vast portion of the American Public.  Even if Anna Nicole had lived, she could never be an acceptable Vice Presidential candidate, but Sarah Palin can be.  She is a former beauty queen, has shot moose, has helped out with the salmon catch on her husband's boat, and can be portrayed a reformer who fought the establishment in her own party to become governor and clean up government in Alaska.  Next, Gigit goes to Washington.

McCain looked like the cat who ate the canary as he introduced her.  In the clip I saw he stood to the side behind her and was looking toward her and down.  I wondered if he was fixated by her derriere.  We had better hope she is a gaffe machine, or hope that McCain sees her as his "date" to the Tailhook Revival.  Watch out, Cindi!  It could be you this time!  Hope you have a good prenup.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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