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Normally, the effect of this announcement should depend on reaction from Obama and other Dems. But I don't expect much effective reaction.

I shouldn't talk like this yet, but Dems are really good in... let's say, staying away from exactly right decisions. One thing that Palin's pick projects is that there is nothing really exceptional, let alone menacing, developing in America (and in the world). It all looks like just another political Super Bowl between Value Republicans and Democ Rats, with nothing but fun at stake for regular folks. Even terrorism gets a "wink wink".

Democrats had been really silent of how radical are transformations of this Bush (and speaking of Reagan only respectfully). They never tried to argue that things are not really normal American. I do not really believe this is merely a self-hurting trend. If big money can buy presidents and all the media, can't it buy convenient type of political opponents and "consensus" candidates? Isn't the whole nomination "process" of Dems this year a perfect set up for Palin's entrance?

I still think that Obama should win, but I won't be surprised with a creeping meltdown of his campaign, just as it was with Kerry, Dean, Gore, Dukakis and what else? Show something else, Obama!

by das monde on Sun Aug 31st, 2008 at 06:00:57 AM EST
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