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I don't think there's much of a connection.  This has been brewing for a while.  Timing seems to be precipitated much much more by recognition of Kosovo's independence than by any Olympics.  In fact, the timing is terrible.  For a few days the whole world is trying to at least pretend to be friends, world leaders just want to sit back and watch the show from their cozy box seats, and Saak's chosen this week to get his war on?  Looks like he didn't get the memo.

As nanne has repeated, "no one could have predicted this...."  Sigh.  Forget your pack of loonies.  Why are the leaders in the Western world so astoundingly short-sighted?!  Shocked when their actions have unpleasant consequences.

"Pretending that you already know the answer when you don't is not actually very helpful." ~Migeru.

by poemless on Fri Aug 8th, 2008 at 10:56:18 AM EST
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