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Today.Az: Rasim Musabeyov: "In case Georgia wins, arguments for the peaceful resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict will weaken, giving place to military counteraction"
- How would you comment on the recent events in South Ossetia, particularly, the decision of Georgian officials to settle the conflict by force?

  • Russia rendered all assistance to separatists of South Ossetia up to the military and technical support and if it continued further, Georgia would have faced the annexation of Moscow. It is now difficult to say how far the Georgian side will go. The decision of the Georgian officials is too risky. We hope that the Georgian leadership has taken into account all risks and consequences of such a decision.

  • How will the victory of Georgian armed forces in restoration of control over the South Ossetia influence Nagorno Karabakh conflict?

  • I think in case Georgia wins, arguments for the peaceful resolution of Nagorno Karabakh will weaken, giving place to military counteraction. Peace negotiations are being held with no progress for the past 15 years. Georgians also have had these peace talks for 15 years. In the result Georgia chose the forced way of the conflict resolution. Georgia's actions are a model composition of the resolution of the conflict issue for Azerbaijan. The actions of the Azerbaijani side in the negotiation process will become more radical as they will have more substantiated arguments.

Goes into the 'No one could have predicted' file. There are more frozen conflicts along the Russian border, some of them with direct interest to Russia, others which merely threaten to further instability. Russia has a big stake in this.
by nanne (zwaerdenmaecker@gmail.com) on Fri Aug 8th, 2008 at 06:40:31 AM EST

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