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Tskhinvali had been shelled by heavy artillery and MLRSs for the last 15 hours and there is no internet or cell phone communication with the city for the last 12 hours.

Before that people there were reporting heavy damage to the city, and Georgians several times claimed to have "liberated" Tskhinvali since morning; street fighting is going on.

North Ossetia is getting huge influx of the refugees, and South Ossetia reports 5 Ossetian villages completely destroyed by the Georgian forces.

Saakashvili announced full mobilization of the reservists.

Georgian reports of Russian planes look like typical disinformation - there is no military need to attack Georgian villages outside Ossetia - in case of a strike the targets should be Georgian planes, tanks, artillery and MLRSs around Tskhinvali.

by blackhawk on Fri Aug 8th, 2008 at 06:56:41 AM EST

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