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What that is saying is not that the US doesn't have a first-class navy or airforce, but rather that currently the balance between defensive and offensive weaponry is heavily slanted in favor of defense, at horribly asymmetric costs.

One can read recent weapons initiatives in the US as ways to get around that.  If you believe some of the hype, the more or less canceled F-22 Raptor was supposed to be the key to cracking modern air defense networks, and its cheaper and less effective replacement, the Joint Strike Fighter, is supposed to have a good chunk of that capability.

Then there are the various anti-satellite weapons the US has been developing, to deal with the satellite tracking issues.

None of its ready for use, though.

And your downthread comment about the US Army is right as well.

by Zwackus on Sat Sep 20th, 2008 at 07:30:18 AM EST
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