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Czech Republic to pursue EU enlargement to the Balkans during its six months presidency - 19-09-2008 13:54 UTC - Radio Prague
The Czech Republic is due to take up the rotating EU presidency at the start of 2009 - at a particularly challenging time. The prospects of EU enlargement to include western Balkan countries are a point of controversy with some members fearing instability from the region and others pointing out that until the Lisbon Treaty is in force the EU should not take on more members. Michaela Jelínková from the Government's Office for European Affairs outlines some of the challenges ahead and explains why the Czech Republic is committed to pushing ahead with EU expansion.

"The Czech Republic will definitely be involved in the last stages of accession talks with Croatia and we will also try to push forward the negotiations with other Balkan countries. Definitely Serbia is well on track, as you know. Progress has been marked in the field of cooperation with the International Court of Justice in the Hague and if more progress is made I think Serbia will do very well. As regards Cyprus, of course this is a very difficult issue, but both parties have just re-started negotiations this month and this will definitely influence progress in accession talks with Turkey."

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