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Here is the take of a Polish blog:

the beatroot: Sikorski with Laughrov

The New Cold war looks like this. Bit of a laugh, innit? (photo)

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was in town today. The meeting with Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski was keenly anticipated by the media commentariat. Would Sergei the Russian Bear be taken to task by Rad the Eagle? Or was Lavrov going to roast the eagle on a spit? After all, it's Sikorski's signature on the anti-missile shield agreement.


So tension was high in Warsaw's Foreign Ministry this morning.

And then...nothing really happened.


The only tricky bit came when Sikorski brought up the embarrassing antics of some of Russia's generals. They love to get in the newspapers threatening to nuke Poland from the face of the universe. Which is quite rude, isn't it?

But all in all, this was not the hyper aggressive Russia we have seen, on occasion, recently.

The historic fear of Russia in Poland is entirely understandable. But having an ahistorical fear of them is not. Russia is in a very new place right now. It has economic power, not military. It will try to hang on to as much territory as it can. It does so because it feels threatened. It's from weakness not strength that Moscow is authoritarian and can bully.

And we should always ask ourselves: can the US, UK etc really accuse Moscow of being the bullyboy when they have taken it upon themselves to act like the world's policeman/humanitarian social worker - whether the `client' wants it or not - since the end of the Real Cold War.?

Beware the bear with a thorn in its foot. But in the end Russia needs the West as much as the West needs Russia. All talks and disputes should take that as their starting point.

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