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French Senate remains a rightist bastion - International Herald Tribune

PARIS: The opposition left won 23 new seats in the French Senate on Sunday, a larger than expected advance, nearly complete results indicated. But the left could not gain control of the chamber, a longtime bastion of the right.

Ballots were cast by delegates of city councils as well as some lawmakers and regional counselors in the indirect voting for a third of the 343 seats in the upper chamber, which has been controlled by the right for a half-century. About 50,700 delegates were eligible to vote.

The Socialists and their allies won at least 23 new seats in the voting for 114 seats, including two snatched from the right in Corrèze, the one-time political fiefdom of former President Jacques Chirac. Results from overseas regions were not included.

It seems possible that the Senate could move to the left when the other half is renewed, in 2011. Which would be an interesting change in France's political balance.

It also shows how the PS actually wins most elections  except the presidential one : the PS is not geared to, nor able to, generate a popular leader supported by the rest of the party.

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