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"I really would like to hear some ideas on what new social structures might look like, but it seems it is easier to tear down ideas than come up with new ones... "

I have thought a little bit about some kind of "layer economy", where there would be, perhaps, two layers. The basic layer would be some kind of a sosialistic/private agricultural self-sustainable society, that would include food production, housing, health care etc. On top of this there would be a free and open liberal capitalistic society where people could sell their "services" what is left from the lower layer. The top layer would work with maximun flexibility and laissez-faire, because it would not take part in servicing the basic needs, which create "inflexible" economic and political structures inside the market economy.
I'm not an economist, so i can't go further, but i wonder if some economist have thought something along these lines?

by kjr63 on Fri Sep 19th, 2008 at 11:04:39 AM EST
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