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This entire financial fiasco was caused by fraud and corruption. So the Fed and other central banks along with our 'supposed representatives' are going to come to the fraudsters rescue without any accountability. Not one bank or financial entity has had to agree with any regulations prior to their rescue and not one person I know of has been indicted for any criminal activity. The central banks and their governments are aiding and abetting criminals which makes them, at the very least, accessories to the crimes against us and most likely co-defendents along with the very institutions they are protecting.

All done under the guise of saving the financial system which has destroyed lives or at the very least, impacted negatively upon the quality of life of 99% of the people who have to live under the system and our future generations which will have to pay for this.

What we have here is a cry for 'Revolution' ? Where is the outcry besides the words written in columns, blogs and the media propaganda which protects these criminals. Are there not any laws in the US which will invalidate what these criminals have done to bail out their fellow criminals?

Unbelievable and momentous. The irony is the only laws which they have passed to supposedly protect us from 'terrorists' are actually providing protection for themselves.

by An American in London on Fri Sep 19th, 2008 at 07:29:34 AM EST

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