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I can get you Marg Hellenberger's email address. And if I told you 4 years ago a black man named Obama was 6 weeks from being President of the US; you would have said that was pie in the sky. Yes much of what I said is wishful thinking. But nothing radical ever happens until we are faced with disaster. FDR would have never been able to get some of his reforms through if there wasnt a Depression.

My hope is Obama gets elected, the economy and financial systems gets worse and he jettisons the idiot advisors who put us here in the first place and keeps his own counsel and gets advisors who have as their first priority 'social justice'. He has had to thread the needle in order to get this far with keeping his cards close to his chest. Lets see if he turns into a great President if elected or another hack like Clinton who talked himself into his first priority, which was to be reelected.

If Obama is able to have 60 Dem Senators or somewhere close to it; he will be able to pass real campaign and lobbyist reform and may be able to pass a real living minimum wage. Combined with a universal healthcare program and 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices will make a real difference to Americans for generations. But first he has to get elected-then the shite really has to hit the fan economically in order for him to radically change the way the US thinks. Social Justice may be a priority as everything in his background points to it. Or he is just another compromised pol like Clinton was immediately after he was elected. He was visited by Greenspan who said balancing the budget was the first priority which negated all of Clinton's campaign proposed progressive policies. Greenspan's advice was backed up by Lloyd Benson, the designated Sec of the Treasury and Robert Rubin, then Benson's asst Sec of Treasury who is advising Obama. Lets see what happens but I am optimistic that out of misery will come radical programs.

by An American in London on Fri Sep 19th, 2008 at 03:58:59 PM EST
Didn't Obama's presidential campaign essentially start at the '04 democrat convention ?

Un roi sans divertissement est un homme plein de misères
by linca (antonin POINT lucas AROBASE gmail.com) on Fri Sep 19th, 2008 at 07:43:01 PM EST
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