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I wonder why not a direct nationalziation.. if this option was palatable a direct takeover and elimination of wall-Street to provide directly the liquidity and the solvency to the new ameican companies makes the same sense as the Dodd's program.

With a nationalization you can also cover any hole the fedeal reserve may have.

From a purely technical analysis I am not sure yet that dodd proposal is better than direct nationalziation (nor worse), so if it could be implemented (which can not), what is your take?

regarding the military network, I am with Helen here, I do not see the US rejecting it, even with the US$ dollar losing its status..the idea of a crazy presdent of the US with all those nukes can force other countries to bail out...so the military stays even if the US economy collapses.. unless there is a political decition..which I admit will be easier with a dollar meltdown.

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by kcurie on Thu Sep 25th, 2008 at 06:54:36 AM EST

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