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You see the six overhang mandates: apart from one Munich district, all directly elected MPs are still from the CSU.

Sparing myself the effort to look through all the results, from SPIEGEL's roundup:

  • Dingolfing: neolib party boss Erwin Huber was re-elected with 47% -- that's 20.5 points less than in 2003!

  • Nuremburg-Nord: PM Günther Beckstein re-elected with the second-worst CSU result in the city, 40.0%! (10.7 points less than last time).

  • Also Nuremburg-Nord: Gabriele Pauli was a prominent liberal member of the CSU, who was spied on by the party leadership, the exposure of which led to Stoiber's fall (see Stoiber goes). After some actions outraging conservative voters she failed to win support and was sidelined during the power re-shuffle -- then she left the CSU and joined the Free Voters. She ran against Beckstein, getting 7.3%.

  • Munich-Milbratshofen: SPD boss Franz Magat got to run for the seat with the best chances for the SPD, won with 39.9%. In 2003, he lost at 42.3% to 40.1% to a CSU rep.

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