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I rather disagree.  In a banana republic, which we were yesterday, this thing was going to pass good or bad because everyone in power "agreed" on it.  

You have to understand how important this was today, for the American voter.  We've had absolutely NO say in the past 8 years.  Dissent, public opinion, etc, have been ignored by both parties.  Protesting in the street has accomplished zero.  Everyone has known that what the Bush admin was up to (along with their Democrat enablers) was illegal and unconstitutional and our built-in mechanisms for challenging those actions were failing  This was in large part because the Bush administration was politically smart enough to craft majority-popular opinions and do anything unpalatable behind closed doors (with cooperative media silence, likely achieved through intimidation).

Unfortunately for them this issue is too big to hide.  Suddenly the people are remembering that if they disagree with the actions of their govt. there is a possibility that the govt. will change and act differently.  The only thing more dangerous than a little bit of information is a little bit of power.  The history of the US will confirm that this very process has occurred repeatedly.

by paving on Tue Sep 30th, 2008 at 01:43:12 AM EST
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