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This turn away from social democracy is obviously US influenced, an influence that stems from right wing free market economics, Corportism, which since Reagan has attempted to stall if not undermine (e.g., Bush's attempt to privitize Social Security) America's liberal-socialism. America's trajectory toward social democracy was dealt a great blow by the Vietnam War, and the death of the War on Poverty. America of course never had socialized medicine, from which no corporate profits can be obtained.

For me, it is sad to see too many European countries being influenced today by the American free market system, as it will undermine social democracy as it has in the USA. It will only create vast wealth and income inequality, increase poverty, and shrink the income of the middle class, which will then turn to credit in order to maintain living standards. Forget education: it will not be an affordable commodity. And a two tier medical system will emerge: plain vanila care for the average, top care for the wealthy.

Am I too simplistic or naive with this demise of social democracy in Europe?

by shergald on Wed Sep 10th, 2008 at 10:05:25 AM EST
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