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A poll among journalists in Germany revealed only 8% would feel close to the CDU, less than to the greens.

Do you have a quote/link?

I am rather sceptical that that was a truly representative poll. Also, "the media are full of liberals against us" is a rather universal conservative meme.

That meme is not without some basis in reality, as media people tend to be highly educated fellows who are less impressed by the traditionalist elements of conservative rhetoric. Then again, even in Germany, progressively from the seventies, "left-of-center" media people seem to be preferring the right (not center) of the SPD, and from 2002 on, one could speak of "Merkel Social Democrats" [in analogy with the 'Reagan Democrats' of the eighties] going over to the CDU in the media.

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by DoDo on Thu Sep 11th, 2008 at 04:09:51 AM EST
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