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Well done, great diary.  Perhaps also about marketing 2 dummies rather than for them. Diageo - the world's largest alcoholic drinks company has a strategy of having a drink for every occasion - from Champagne to fine wines, to premium spirits in all white and golden spirit categories.  Few can tell the difference between these premium priced products and "only label" generics.  It is the experience of branding oneself as the right sort of fun loving exclusive connoisseur that is being sold.

Once, whilst travelling in Mozambique, I stopped off in a tourist resort for a drink.  Having seen kids with swollen bellies indicating Kwashiorkor on the road, I was horrified to see some of the local drinking very expensive whiskys.  I asked the proprietor how they could afford to buy them and he replied:  they can't - one drink is equivalent to an average week's wages - but I have a storeroom full of cheaper brands I can't shift.  They want the full "western" experience.

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