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"it´s hard to find any ´internal´ dissent"

It's not that hard - try google, e.g.:


...  In Israel itself, there are protests against this war on a captive people.  Thousands have gathered to protest daily in Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazaret, Um el-Fahem, Tira, Taybe, and other cities.  Citizens called up as reservists to prepare for a possible land assault on Gaza have refused service, risking jail.  None of this is being reported in the American and European corporate media, which is largely "cheerleading" the Israeli attack, primarily by "evenhandedly" reporting on the attacks in Gaza and the rockets launched by Hamas into Israel.

As Dov Khenin, an Israeli Knesset member from Hadash, and a leading Communist Party member, stated in an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, "Well, the most important thing to realize is that there is an opposition inside Israel to the war and to everything going on around right now in Gaza.  This position is a Jewish-Arab one.  On Saturday night, we had a demonstration in Tel Aviv of 2,000 young people, mainly Jews, and there are a lot of demonstrations all over Israel of Jews and Arabs opposing the war policy of the current government.  This opposition is growing steadily.  It is very important to know this and to understand that there are other voices in Israeli society who (oppose) a war, and they believe there is a better alternative for Israelis and Palestinians alike."

Yesterday, a group of Tel Aviv poets held a poetry-reading vigil protesting the Gaza operation in front of the luxury Akirov Towers, where Defense Minister Ehud Barak (and head of the Labor Party) has an apartment.  Twenty young poets read anti-war works over a loudspeaker, calling it "a protest against the destruction Ehud Barak is wreaking on the residents of the south while he's sleeping in a comfortable bed on the 31st floor."  Ibtisam Marahna, number 12 on the Meretz Knesset list, spoke at the protest, and announced her resignation from Meretz because of its support for the war.


Please do not rely on the mainstream US media - you will not find the truth there. Research the alternative media on the Internet and other sources, such as Link and Free Speech TV's "Democracy Now" daily news show, online sources such as Jewish Voices for Peace, the Electronic Intifada, or England's print media The Independence and The Observer, which are also available online, as are the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, and Israeli organizations such "Gush Shalom," "B'tselem" and "Breaking the Silence: Israeli Soldiers Talk About the Occupied" - the latter at www.shovrimshtika.org/index_e.asp

As one Israeli conscientious objector recently stated in a "Democracy Now" interview after being released from prison, "At least in Israel there is debate over the actions of the right-wing government, in the US you don't even get that."

Elizabeth Molchany is an attorney in private practice in Front Royal, VA. Ms. Molchany is a long-time student of the crisis in the Middle East.


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Please do not rely on the mainstream US media...
Therein lies the problem within the USA.  For the same reasons you cannot rely on the US MSM underlie the grip that the right wing of Israeli politics appears to hold over US policy concerning Israel and Palestine.  That portion of the Israeli population, perhaps as high as 40%, that oppose the current Israeli policy and the massively corrupt politics out of which it arises, are in much the same position as were the opponents of the Iraq war in the USA in 2004.  For things to change, perhaps 11% of the voting population in Israel will have to change their preferences.

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