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By deception thou shalt rule.

Let us take up Muslim immigration in the UK.
Or perhaps Turks in Germany.
How about Mexicans in the US.

The policy is about the forced mixing of races/belief systems/color of skin/sexual differences to thereby warrant a government intervention.  It does also have the added benefit of wage supression amongst the prole classes assuring your profitability in these most trying times.

Very true, the most "retarded"/perhaps calculated thing done in modern times was to place two "diverse" people's of diametrically opposing veiws in the very same land together.  People who have vowed to eliminate each other for thousands of years placed in the very same small corner of the world.

To add insult to injury America used to rally around the oppressed, the underdog yet here in this day US support clearly outlines the plight of Palestinians throwing rocks at armoured tanks, precision guided missiles and illegal weapons.  Not even a fair fight.

There is discussion here on highly non-popular places about America's emergence into the Fourth Reich, yes, and I really do mean that in it's full ugly connotation.  True it was a product of the Bush neo-con administration but it is also a product endorsed by the incoming Barry Soetoro/CFR globalist administration.
Europe, you are up next.

by Lasthorseman on Sun Jan 18th, 2009 at 08:27:49 PM EST

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