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I couldn't find any mixed low-floor/high-floor trams that have doors at both levels (though there may be some). However, I note as examples:

  • take a look at the TW 6000 type of the Hannover Stadtbahn: floor height is 943mm, below the doors, there is a mechanism that either allows level exit to a high platform, or turns into steps for a low platform (compare photos here near the bottom of the page)

  • Check Cologne's Bombardier Flexity Swift trams. There are both high-floor (900 mm, K5000) and low-floor (350 mm, K4000 and K4500) versions of the same modular type. I think it should not be too difficult to put together a mixed version (apart from the connection between underfloor and roof-mounted electric equipment).

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Yes, that first would be ideal for the trailer module, then there would be street access in all three modules and station level access in the back.

Loops at all ends are no problem, so if the design is modular, there's only a need to customize the trailing module for platform access, avoiding the need to monkey around with a standard cab module.

For instance, the common Church Street end of the tram/train routes is intended to be a one way terminal loop in any event, as the most effective route ...

Among the five routes ... one CBD route in stage 1, two urban routes in Stage 2, two regional routes in stage 3, there are two pure balloon loops, but one is ducking underneath a rail bridge and the other is in the dead space inside a rail triangle. The rest are routed as one-way loops.

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