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Fascinating stuff.

I'm compelled to make some analogies.

The United States transformed it's industrial economy by disregarding patents on imported goods. Everything that came in was copied and turned into local production.

There's an age old story about Mr Toyoda buying a Mercedes, stripping in down to the finest detail and taking every good idea he saw for his new motor venture.

I'm really not sure what the solution to the above is... there's no way it is in the interest of China to give up on forcing technology transfer. How else do they build an indigenous economy?

However, I think that as you note, a serious issue is that in 5 years time the models with the most proven track record will be the ones used in East Asia, because they are the ones investing in their network at this time.

If European companies want to stay ahead of the game they are going to have to persuade their own governments to keep investing in improving rail transport.

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