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yeah, right.

North African immigrants started arriving in large numbers since before blacks were allowed to vote in much of the US, or if you prefer, roughly about a decade before Obama was born. IIRC as of just a couple years ago there was not one single non-white parliamentary deputy from metropolitan France.  This isn't because the French are more racist than Americans, but because of state policy, or rather the lack thereof. The US legislature shows how this works - in the Senate, blacks are virtually non existent; in the House, with its government imposed racially gerrymandered districts, there are tons of them. The other factor is the embrace of explicitly 'communitarian' politics which are as AMerican as apple pie. For this failure I particularly blame French lefties like yourself. I get that conservatives don't give a shit about racial equality, and have an ideological bias against state intervention, but that fact that the majority of the French left adopts a neo-lib/neocon stance on race and ethnicity is rather galling.  

Why the hell it's good for the government to intervene to ameliorate class inequalities and why class based political and social organizations are a good thing, but ethnic ones are some sort of affront against the mythical race blind France and its unity is something I just don't get.

by MarekNYC on Tue Jan 20th, 2009 at 05:21:35 PM EST
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