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that in nationalizing the banks, we would be nationalizing their failure?  Why should the whole country take on its back the bankruptcy of these financial institutions?   At best nationalization of banks should be temporary, as the banks are eased out of existence, a la bankruptcy proceedings, which I think is more appropriate than nationalization.  Let new banks be created from scratch and let the old institutions rot.  

The government should be there to help those individuals and families who have been severely hurt by all of this--not to "make whole" those wealthy individuals and families who may have suffered a financial loss, unless that loss threatens to put them under a bridge.  

If the government is going to "save" banks and bankers, then it should be at a very stiff price.  Let them dine at soup kitchens.

by jjellin on Thu Jan 22nd, 2009 at 09:33:27 AM EST

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