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I'd like to comment on the DoE/AWEA report and summary cited in previous comments.  While one can quibble with some of the results, and certainly the constraints the drafters had to operate within, this is actually one of the finest government reports i've ever seen.

for better and worse, it will be the basis for any policy discussion on windpower in the US.  Thus, if anyone here wants to really discuss the issue, i think it's important to be familiar with the details.

for example, it's unclear to me that a 15% increase in capacity factor is achievable, though if it comes to pass i'll be a happy camper.  it just means that probably 7% more turbines must be built, which means more jobs.

One must also remember that amurka lags behind northern Europe in turbine performance now by some 5%, meaning that Yurp machines harness some 5% more energy from the available winds.  this is mostly due to infrastructure issues such as lack of trained service techs, which will be solved over time.

Karmically, amurkan winds are also more turbulent, both literally and figuratively (boom and bust tax cycles.)  We'll see what kind of strategic calming the Obama team brings.

Meanwhile, there remain some real issues here in Yurp, let's not forget.

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by Crazy Horse on Thu Jan 22nd, 2009 at 03:07:37 PM EST

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